Health & Safety

Health and safety is important to every business and good health and safety management reflects well on you and your business.

On the other hand poor health and safety management can be costly and damaging to employees and reputations, and then there are the additional prosecution and insurance costs.

Health and safety isnít rocket science but it does take time and effort to get your head round what is required of you. Have a look around our site where you will find information to help you do it yourself Ė but if you decide you donít have the time and/or you need professional help then weíre here to provide that help.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is even more important in some ways. Fires can happen in the most unlikely of circumstances and fire can kill!

You have a legal duty to carry out a fire risk assessment of your premises and you commit an offence simply by not having done so.

On the fire safety page you will find the official guides to carrying out a fire risk assessment Ė they are free to download.

If you want to try to do it yourself we would strongly suggest you take time to read through the guide that most applies for your premises first - but if you feel you would prefer a professional to do it for you, well thatís what we are here for.

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